Kindergarten Complement

The Kindergarten Complement program is designed to enhance your child’s Kindergarten experience. As part of a group of no more than eight children, students have an opportunity to socialize, explore, learn, and play. Students within WSSD are bussed directly to NPE, WES or SRS. Families living in other districts must provide their own transportation.

Students will have ample time to eat their snack and their lunch.

Ages: Children who are enrolled in a public school kindergarten program




The Kindergarten Complement program provides a chance for a small group of students to engage in activities from language arts, math, science, social studies, handwriting, and art. Using the PA Kindergarten Standards as a springboard, lessons are designed around a theme and/or a piece of children’s literature or particular author. Kindergarten skills are reinforced daily. Also, skill reinforcement is provided on an individual basis as the need arises.
Meaningful, structured learning activities are balanced with plenty of opportunity for free choices, socializing, and play. Students spend time each day playing games, building, creating, and participating in imaginary play. Also, we spend ample time outside every day (weather permitting) engaged in physical play. On days when the weather does not permit, we take our games into the “gym”.

To attain these curriculum goals, we introduce a wide variety of academic topics to stimulate children’s interest in learning and improve their ability to learn. We also firmly believe that imaginative play is a necessary tool to create a well rounded child.

Overall, we hope to instill a love of learning that will remain with each child for a lifetime

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